Datasheet for Solvency II Reporting

Since 2015, BVI, together with the fund associations in France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Austria, has produced the EU fund data sheet for Solvency II reporting. The EU datasheet supports and improves data exchange on the composition of fund portfolios between the KVGs and vis-à-vis insurance companies. It makes it easier for insurance companies to calculate the solvency capital required under the Solvency II regime (SCR calculation) using the standard formula.

Since February 2019, the maintenance and further development of the EU data sheet for Solvency II has been organized by the Financial Data Exchange (FinDatEx). FinDatEx institutionalises the work of the informal European Working Groups.

The new Version 6 has been available to the market since 10 January 2022:

Version 6.0 Tripartite Template (TPT) for SII Asset Data reporting (XLS)

For version 6 an explanatory document with the essential changes is available:

Additional Guidelines (PDF)

Version 6 can be used with the cut-off date of 31 March 2022. FinDatEx proposes to use only version 6 from 30 June 2022.

Version 5.0 Tripartite Template (TPT) for SII Asset Data reporting (XLS)
Additional Guidelines (PDF)

Transmission of fund portfolio data using the standardised EU fund datasheet

Requirements for data delivery

To ensure effective data delivery, it is necessary that all relevant market participants submit fund data in the format of the EU fund datasheet. The specifications contained in the data sheet (e.g. in the "Codification" column) must be adhered to. Errors such as different data formats and the resulting time-consuming manual corrections can only be avoided if the capital management companies fill the data in a uniform manner. The requested fund data must be made available in a timely manner and with a guarantee of high data quality.

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