European MiFID Template (EMT)

Since 3 January 2018, financial product distributors have to provide their customers with additional information on the target market and the costs of the investment funds they sell. The European MiFID Template (EMT) describes this additional information. Fund companies can use it to transmit the relevant data to sales outlets throughout the EU.

The EMT has been coordinated throughout Europe with the participation of the fund and certificate industry as well as the sales banks and confirmed by EFAMA. The informal working groups responsible for the various data sheets have now resulted in FinDatEx (Financial Data Exchange), which has been institutionalised the joint work. Under the coordination of FinDatEx, the EMT is being revised. It is free of industrial property rights and copyrights and is available to everyone. Its use is voluntary.

Version 4.0 must be provided from 1 August 2022.

Version 4.1 is required if funds are distributed in the UK. The fields included in version 4.1 are necessary to comply with the UK consumer regulations for financial products and services applicable from 31 July 2023. The EET 4.1 is due to be made available from the end of April 2023.

The EMT 4.0 can still be used for funds that are not distributed in the UK.

EMT Version 4.0

EMT Version 4.1

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