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Have you already saved and would now like to know how long your money will last if you regularly pay yourself a pension? Our withdrawal calculator uses historical returns to simulate how likely you are to achieve what results.

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How are your savings split by asset classes?

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The Retirement Calculator was created with great care, nevertheless the BVI Bundesverband Investment and Asset Management e.V. does not guarantee the correctness of all calculations.

Methodical notes:
The Retirement Calculator simulates capital market scenarios for your investment portfolio. Based on your entries, 100,000 randomly selected combinations of historical annual returns of the respective asset classes are calculated ("Monte Carlo simulation"). The calculator then displays both the medium development of the investment capital and the range of possible outcomes. Because of the random selection the results of several runs may differ even under the same conditions.

You can distribute your starting capital among the asset classes equities, bonds and cash. We use historical data from the following indices

Investment focus
EquitiesDAX Performance-Index (1987-2022)MSCI World NR EUR (1987-2022)
BondsREX-P (1987-2022)Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index TR EUR (1991-2022)
CashEURIBOR 3M (1999-2022)EURIBOR 3M (1999-2022)

All values are adjusted for inflation, i.e. based on current purchasing power. This means that the value of amounts of money today and in the future are directly comparable with each other. For the adjustment we use the historical Consumer price inflation in Germany (1987-2022).

Data sources: Morningstar, Deutsche Bundesbank

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